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Historical Information - Streetscape Plan Meetings and Documents (2003-2011)

The finalized Miller Avenue Streetscape Plan is based on guidance and direction provided at the community meetings and events listed below in chronological order.  For an overview of the process, click here.

Meeting #   Date    


Direction from DAC and/or
City Council

Agenda Packets* & Information

City Council

Oct. 3, 2011

Report back to City Council on additional items requested at the July 6th meeting to finalize the Miller Avenue Streetscape Plan, including minor edits and additional analysis of the roadway alignment for Main Street (Willow-Reed/Valley Circle) Modify the proposed Main Street roadway alignment in the Streetscape Plan to reflect the Hybrid Curve Option (see Attachment 2). The final design should optimize parking as much as possible and parking management plan strategies must be implemented prior to construction 

Staff Report

Atttachment 1-WRT Memo; Attachment 2-Main Street Roadway Options; Attachment 3-Implementation Flow Chart; Attachment 4:-Flooding Text

City Council

July 6, 2011

Final Review of the Miller Avenue Streetscape Plan
Approval of Draft Streetscape Plan and environmental review with minor edits and additional review of Main Street (Willow-Reed/Valley Circle) roadway alignment Draft Streetscape Chapters: Table of Contents- Introduction, Multi-Modal Transportation part 1, part 2, Character, Implementation ; Environmental Review: Initial Study; DAC Meeting Summaries:  5/3/11   5/18/11


May 18, 2011

Review and finalize discussion items related to landscape and special features See Meeting Summary

Meeting Summary 5/18/11; Agenda;Memo: Old Business  Memo Attachment DAC Workbook:  New Business Discussion Items *See Character Chapter below for supporting information

Draft Streetscape Chapters: Introduction; Multi-Modal; Character; Implementation 


May 3, 2011

Review and finalize Multi-modal (vehicular, transit, pedestrian and bicycle) discussion items See Meeting Summary

May 3rd Meeting Summary Agenda; Presentation; May 3 DAC Workbook;

Draft Multi-Modal Section of the Streetscape Plan Additional Information: Public Comments; Cross Section Millwood-Park


Jan. 11

Evergreen, Gomez and Millwood Intersections

Evergreen Intersection: Remove the proposed Plaza at the Commuter Lot,but consider plaza by the creek in the future.  Re-evaluate the proposed Evergreen intersection to address community concerns about commuter lot access.

Gomez Intersection: Reconsider a barrier at the Gomez intersection.

Millwood Intersection: Agreement with proposed modifications

Agenda ; Memo;  Meeting Summary

Attachment 1: Open HouseCommentsComment Letters; Additional Comments (Jan 2011); Attachment 2:  Revised Streetscape Design Sunnyside-Willow; Willow-Almonte; Attachment 3: Parking Management Memo; Graphics; Attachment 4: Design Exhibits A-E; F-J; Attachment 5: Sept. 23 DAC Meeting Summary; Illustratives (Draft); Passage-Parkway (Sunnyside-Willow) Main Street (Willow-Reed/Valley Cir) Gateway-Marsh (Reed/Valley-Amonte)


Sept. 23rd

Main Street (Willow-Reed/Valley Circle) Roadway Alignment Approve the Center Median Parking roadway configuration for Main Street with direction to staff to further develop design details such as landscape and safety issues to accommodate Mill Valley character and needs.

Agenda; Synopsis Memo;

Draft Roadway Design Options and Landscape/Tree Information

Main Street Specialized Study (Updated)


July 29th 

Sidewalk alignment for the "Passage" (Millwood-Sunnyside)

Approve as general policy direction with design refinements by project team (WRT and City Staff) Option #3 with suggested refinements noted below.

Inbound refinements include including a small bike buffer area between travel and bike lane. Small buffer areas between lumber yard and travel lane should be permeable area (if possible) that cars can drive over, and extending the 1 lane option past Millwood to allow for safe turns (in and outbound) at Millwood. Outbound will maintain 20’ clear roadway access to allow for the emergency evacuation utilizing two lanes of traffic.

Agenda Packet

Draft Presentation Slides

Public Comments

Meeting Summary


June 24th

1-lane options in the Parkway and Marsh Area

Discontinue exploration of 1-lane options, except between Sunnyside - Millwood, (extending up to Park, as necessary) and a very limited are of the Marsh as approaching Almonte.

Agenda Packet 


Public Comments

Meeting Summary


Meetings 1-8 focused on the consultant selection process.  For agendas packets, presentations and meeting minutes, click here.

Specialized Studies

Existing Conditions: There are four distinct "layers" associated with the existing streetscape:

Public Comments (May - June 2010)

Preliminary Conceptual Boards presented during the Memorial Day Open House.

Newsletters and other documents:  April 2010 Newsletter, WRT Work Plan, includes the overall scope of work for the Miller Avenue Streetscape Plan

Previous Documents, Studies & Meetings


Streetscape Task Force    

Summary Report, Appendices
For More Information: Click here for all Task Force documents
2007-2008 Recent Data Collection/Memos

Neighborhood Cut Through Survey, Parking Survey, Roundabout Memo
Aerials--GatewayMain Street; Parkway; Passage, Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan Update, Ortho Memo

2007 Streetscape Workshop May 1 Streetscape Overview; May 1 Streetscape Summary of Comments
2003 Citizens Advisory Committee Strength & Opportunities Report - Chapters 1-4; Strength & Opportunities Report - Chapters 5-7; Appendices Chapters 1-3; Appendices Chapters 4-6;

Other Regional Studies

Streetscape-Related Links


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