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Mission Statement, Core Values, Key Issues, Priority Projects

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City Council Policies
City Council Mission Statement, Core Values, Key Issues, and Priority Projects
Priority Projects 2016-2017
Priority Projects Status Update December 2015

City of Mill Valley and Mill Valley City Council Mission Statements
The mission of the City of Mill Valley is to provide a full range of municipal services to residents and businesses in accordance with the general plan and City Council policy and direction. City staff shall deliver those services in an efficient, effective and courteous manner with a commitment to operational excellence.

The mission of the Mill Valley City Council is to serve faithfully the residents and businesses of Mill Valley and nurture the City’s overall quality of life. The Council does this by setting policy for the City and direction for Mill Valley’s City Manager and its Boards and Commissions, at all times guided by values core to Mill Valley’s heritage.

Core Values

  • The health and safety of residents.
  • Preservation of a vibrant community that respects Mill Valley’s small town character.
  • Prudent fiscal policies and practices.
  • Preservation of the community’s high quality of life
  • A healthy natural environment with emphasis on conservation, open space, climate protection and sustainability.
  • A balanced, inclusive, and open approach to policy-making and city leadership.
  • Citizen participation that promotes open communication, mutual respect, and the development of community leaders.
  • Economic vitality with an emphasis on small and local serving businesses.
  • Operational excellence.

Key Issues

  • Emergency preparedness with a focus on fire, flood and earthquake.
  • Environmental conservation and sustainability, with a focus on climate protection.
  • Land use and housing – residential and commercial development with emphasis on affordable housing for workforce, elderly, and low-income residents at a scale and density consistent with Mill Valley's character.
  • Traffic mitigation, multimodal transportation and parking.
  • Infrastructure maintenance and enhancement.
  • Attraction and retention of local serving businesses.
  • Budget management and mitigating fiscal impacts of the state and local economy.
  • Effective two way communication between City staff/Council and the community.
  • Excellence in customer service.
  • Cultivation of community leadership and citizen participation on government commissions, boards and committees. 

Mill Valley City Council 2016-17 Priority Projects:

  1. Miller Avenue Streetscape project: initiate construction, parking management strategy and communication program around traffic flow and protecting local business.
  2. Begin implementation of initial recommendations of the Traffic and Congestion Reduction Task Force, including a School Bus Program.
  3. Implement a strategy for renewal of the Municipal Services Tax: committee to recommend renewal elements and a citizen committee to promote measure.
  4. Zoning Amendments: adopt amendments regarding Inclusionary Housing, Downtown Zoning Districts, Multi-Family Design Guidelines, measures to protect existing housing stock, and conduct a work force housing strategic workshop.
  5. Complete established Capital Improvement Projects. Complete the Downtown Plaza Restroom, the Sycamore Park Restroom, and the Boat Dock in 2016.
  6. Discuss and begin development of a Mill Valley Flood Control Master Plan.
  7. Add a Volunteer Coordinator position to oversee and coordinate a City-wide volunteer program.
  8. Review the Parking Advisory Committee recommendations, especially regarding pursuing replacement of parking meters.
  9. Develop and adopt a long-term Financial Plan.
  10. Pursue Environmental Sustainability initiatives: Waste Water system improvements and full implementation of sewer lateral inspection program. Adopt a revised Sewer Service Rate Structure.
  11. Adopt an ADA Transition Plan.
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