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Instructions for Searching Reviews

How to open the spreadsheet:

1.  Click on the type of search you would like to conduct. 

2.  A new window with the searching spreadsheet will open automatically as a PDF.

  • If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader you may download it for free from the Adobe website.


How to read the spreadsheet:

If you clicked on the "Search by KEYWORD" image the spreadsheet will be sorted by subject matter.

  • For example, the subject "Golden Gate Bridge" appears in the 2000 Review in the article Centennial Issue of MV Incorporation and the 2001 Review in the article and Buses! Rails! Automobiles!.

If you clicked on the "Search by REVIEW" image the spreadsheet will be sorted by Review by year starting with "Spring 1979".

If you clicked on the "Search by ARTICLE TITLE" image the spreadsheet will be sorted by the title of the article that appeared in a Review.

  • For example, the article Map of Eastland, Millwood and Vicinity appears in the 1994 Review and contains three keywords: "15 Tamalpais (Vineyard Haven)," "21 Lovell (McInnes)," and "Tamalpais Land and Water Co. Map No. 1."


To search for something specific:

1.  Open the spreadsheet in which you would like to search.

  • If you are looking for a specific subject click on the image "Search by KEYWORD". 
  • If you want to search for a Review published in a specific year click on the image "Search by REVIEW".  
  • If you want to search for an article title click on the image "Search by ARTICLE TITLE". 

2.  Click in the "Find" box at the top middle of the screen.

3.  Type in what you would like to search for and hit "Enter" on your keyboard. 

4.  Continue hitting the "Enter" key to move to see the next result until you have reached the one you are looking for or the end of the list.  You can also move backwards or forwards in the list by clicking the "Find Previous" or "Find Next" buttons next to the "Find" box.

To search by the year a review was published type in the year in 4-digit numeric format in the "Find" box.

  • For example, to see the 1986 Spring Review type in 1986 or Spring 1986.

To search by a specific subject type the subject in the "Find" box.

  • For example, to search for articles on Homestead School type in Homestead School. 

To search by the name of an article published in a Review type all or part of the name of the article in the "Find" box.

  • For example, to see which Review the article "1943 Mill Valley, are there!" was published in and what subjects the article contains you could search by 1943, 1943 Mill Valley, you are there, California, you are, etc. 


Tips for better search results:

Searches are not case sensitive.  Using capital or lowercase letters does not affect the search.

Keep your searches short and avoid using symbols (such as & or *) or abbreviations.  Only search for multiple words if you are certain of their order.

  • For example, if you are looking for the fire of 1929 it is better to search for fire or 1929 rather than Mill Valley Fire 1929.  The last search request will pull up no results.

People are listed last name first.

  • For example, Joseph Eastland is listed as "Eastland, Joseph".

Photos that appear in Reviews are prefaced with "Photo:" in the keyword field.


If you need further assistance with searching the Reviews please contact the History Room at or 415-389-4292 x104.

Last updated: 3/28/2011 10:05:02 PM