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Library records show that the book collection had grown to 4,388 volumes in 1920 and that annual circulation that year was 16,000. By 1924, the collection had grown to more than 6,000 volumes.
Lytton Square circa 1920.
Clock on Lytton Square donated to the City of Mill Valley in 1929 by the Mill Valley Association of Volunteer Firemen.

Records indicate that Mill Valley's population was 2,554 in 1920. Regular mail service in Mill Valley started in this year. In 1921, Old Mill School was opened. A great fire swept down from Mount Tamalpais in 1929, driven by winds, to destroy 200 homes. The winds changed their direction suddenly, though, and the town was spared from further destruction. The 1920s was a period when fascism began to take hold in Europe. This was to have a profound impact on the coming next two decades. Wall Street experienced the great stock market collapse in October 1929.
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