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General Plan

MV2040 General Plan

The City's General Plan serves as a long-term vision for the future of the community, as well as a basis for short and long-term decisions that affect all aspects of our community's daily life: land use, transportation, housing, community facilities and services, the environment, and much more.

On October 7, 2013 the Mill Valley City Council  adopted the Mill Valley General Plan.  The planning horizon for the updated General Plan is 2040 (hence the “2040 General Plan” title), and contains the following chapters, also known as “elements” that can be downloaded below: 

  1. Cover, forward, acknowledgements, table of content, introduction
  2. Land Use; Land Use: Categories and Map
  3. Mobility
  4. Community Vitality
  5. Natural Environment
  6. Climate Action
  7. Hazards and Public Safety
  8. Noise
  9. General Plan Administration
  10. Citations & Appendices
  11. Housing (under separate cover)

Each element begins with a purpose statement and a summary of existing conditions, followed by goals, policies and programs for action. The content of the MV2040 General Plan is based on the community’s vision, values and input gathered through the numerous public meetings.  For more information on the overall process, see MV2040 Fact Sheet.  

The MV2040 General Plan Update was completed within a two-year time frame and budgeted resources - a true accomplishment. This goal was met through the primary use of City staff, and the talents and expertise of over 43 community volunteers who formed the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) and three Working Groups (Land Use & Mobility, Natural Environment and Community Vitality, including the Arts Subcommittee). At various points in the process additional input was provided by City staff and Boards and Commissions, such as the Art Commission, Library Board of Trustees, Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Parks and Recreation Commission, Emergency Preparedness Commission and Planning Commission. –Thank you all for your time, efforts, and dedication to the City!

Drafting and adopting a General Plan on time within the City’s budgeted resources is result of the dedication and collaboration that has occurred within the community.  Most recently, the City has received an award for its General Plan from the Northern California American Planning Association. This award was based on the City's ability to adopt a comprehensive General Plan in less than 2 years, within a small budget, in house, bringing the community together and utilizing technology as part of the update process.

For recent activities related to the implementation of the General Plan, go to the MV2040 project page at


MV2040 Logo Square

City Council October 7, 2013 MV2040 Approved v210
Mill Valley City Council

Planning Commission MV2040 Approved v210 

Mill Valley Panning Commission


 General Plan Advisory Committee and Staff Members

Working Group

Working Group discussing goals, policies & programs that form the basis of the MV2040 General Plan 

A “Thank You” to the Mill Valley Community
As former Mayor and GPAC Chair, Andy Berman notes, “I want to thank the GPAC and the Working Groups, including the Arts Sub-committee, for all of their hard work. Of course, the tireless efforts of Staff and our consulting team deserve special recognition too. But most of all I want to thank our community, of which we are all a part, for embracing and appreciating the collaborative, inclusive approach we have taken to get to this point. We would not be here but for this community spirit - in fact a thirst - to create a shared vision for Mill Valley. I feel truly privileged and honored to be part of it.”

See the acknowledgements section for those community members that served on the GPAC and Working Groups.

Final thoughts and message from City Manager, Jim McCann:
"I've worked on several General Plan update efforts during my career and this has been, by far, the most constructive and rewarding. The process has yielded a document which will guide the community for many years reflecting the wonderful history of Mill Valley and retaining intact our special community character.

The community should be very proud of this effort which deliberately welcomed and included diverse voices and points of view and which has not only produced a draft General Plan, but has also served to bring the community together around and agreement of a shared vision for future of Mill Valley.

The staff, our consultants and most importantly, the many volunteers and community participants who were involved in the MV2040 effort are congratulated for this achievement. This is a wonderful example of local government in action: the community defining by itself and for itself the goals and policies to guide our future. Very exciting and fulfilling stuff!"

Final Certified Environmental Impact Report (EIR): EIR; Response to Comments ; Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP) final recommendations made by City Council

2012-2013 Meetings and Events associated with the General Plan Update process.




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