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The Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin (SASM) is a Joint Powers Agency formed in 1979 to consolidate the wastewater collection, treatment, water reclamation and disposal needs of about 28,000 residents in Southern Marin County.

SASM is made up of six Member Agenices (MA's). They are: the City of Mill Valley, Tamalpais Community Services District, Almonte Sanitary District, Alto Sanitary District, Homestead Valley Sanitary District and Richardson Bay Sanitary District.  Each Sanitary District has one seat on the SASM Board of Commissioners.   

Each MA owns, operates and maintains a sanitary sewer system.  These sewer systems connect to the main sewer lines owned by SASM which carries the wastewater to the wastewater treatment plant.  Circular ponds

At the wastewater treatment plant, the water flows through several treatment units which reduce and remove a variety of pollutants and organic materials.  The processed wastewater is disinfected and pumped 6 miles to Racoon Straits in Tiburon for deep water discharge into the San Francisco Bay.

To see how a typical wastewater system functions, please visit Go With the Flow, an informational website provided by the Water Environment Federation.

Processed wastewater is further treated, or reclaimed, and used for landscape irrigation.  The City of Mill Valley Parks Department uses reclaimed water throughout Bay Front Park.  Use of reclaimed water for landscape irrigation saves precious fresh water supplies for domestic use.

The staff of the SASM Wastewater Treatment Plant is dedicated to protecting our water environment by meeting all regulatory requirements while providing the highest level of service and efficiency.  For contact information, please visit our Contact Us page.



    Summary of Fees Received 2015/2016

    Revenue Sources and Financial Reserve Policy (Excerpt form JPA Agreement, Sections 15 & 16)



Joint Powers Agency (JPA) Agreement 1979

JPA 1st Amendment 10/01/1979

JPA 2nd Amendment 10/15/1979

JPA 3rd Amendment 06/01/1980

JPA 4th Amendment 01/15/1981

JPA 5th Amendment 11/01/1982

JPA 6th Amendment 07/01/1987

Restated Joint Exercise of Powers 01/27/2000

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