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Internet Policy and Procedures

(Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees on June 5, 1997 and revised on April 11, 2002)


Internet resources are provided equally to all patrons of the Mill Valley Public Library, and use of these resources shall be compatible with the Library's Mission Statement.

Since Internet access is provided in public areas of the Library, users are required to respect the reasonable sensibilities of other Library patrons when downloading web pages for viewing.

As with other Library materials, the restriction of a child's access to the Internet is the responsibility of the child's parent or legal guardian.

Not all sites on the Internet are accurate, complete, or current, and users must use discretion in questioning the validity of information they find.

In order to enjoy the use of Internet workstations at the Mill Valley Public Library, all users agree to abide by the following procedures and protocols, and understand that failure to honor these terms may result in the loss of access privileges.

Conditions and Procedures for Use:

A valid Library card and PIN number are required in order to use our Internet/Word Processing stations.

One-time Internet users and out-of-town guests may obtain a "Guest Pass" to use our machines.

There are three ways to reserve a computer:

• Reserve an Internet/Word Processing station by using the Dedicated Reservation Terminal in the Library.

• Sit down at any empty Internet/Word Processing station and log in; the computer will tell you if it's available.

• Visit our website ( and click the Reserve a Computer button.

The Library has 8 Windows computers in the Adult Reading Room offering Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Earth, and Picasa. All computers offer CD recording and allow you to plug in your USB drive, and media cards.

We also offer 3 iMac multimedia workstations with Adobe Creative Suite 4 (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Fireworks), iMovie, iDVD,  Garageband, and MS Office. 1 iMac offers Final Cut Studio 2 and 1 iMac offers Propellerhead Reason. Use of the iMac  workstations is limited to multimedia software, for casual internet browsing please use our Windows workstations. 

The Library has 3 computers in the Children's Room (kids only) offer Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These machines are reserved in 30-minute blocks and are for children's use only.

You will be able to use up to 90 minutes of computer time per day at the Mill Valley Public Library. This will not count against your 2 hour allotment at other MARINet libraries.

You may have 1 pending reservation at a time.

A warning will be given when your session is 5 minutes from ending. You will be prompted to log out when your session expires.

It's important to log out after finishing a session. The software automatically deletes the computer's record of the sites visited when a patron logs out. As always, patron records remain confidential under state law.

A reserved station will be held for 10 minutes before it is made available to others.

If you wish to save files, you may purchase a flash drive ($7.00) from the Reference Librarian or bring your own.

For your own protection, you should have virus protection software on your home computers. The Library is not responsible for any damage that may result to a patron's equipment from files downloaded from the Library's Internet stations.

Librarians or Internet volunteers may be able to offer suggestions for searching or answer questions. For more detailed instruction, ask about classes or individual training from Volunteer trainers.

Feel free to ask Reference Staff for help.

Misuse of the Internet or any violation of our policies may result in the suspension or withdrawal of access privileges.
Last updated: 9/30/2011 12:22:49 PM