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Free Wireless Internet

Free Wi-Fi is available at the library! No strings attached. The service is available upstairs in the Main Reading Room and in the Visual and Performing Arts Room, and downstairs in the Fiction Room during all open hours. Reception in other areas may vary. People using the library's wireless network must agree to abide by our Internet Policy and understand that failure to honor these terms may result in the loss of access privileges. free wi-fi

Wireless printing for Windows PCs.
The wireless printing service allows you to print documents using your library printing account. To print on the wireless network follow these steps:

1. Click here to download the Print Client (clientlauncher.exe) to your desktop.

2. Run the Print Client (clientlauncher.exe) application.

3. Print your document (File > Print).

4. Select your desired printer from the printer drop down menu
    a. \\\Black and White Printer 
    b. \\\Color Printer

5. Type in your library card number in the User ID field and your PIN number in the User PIN field.

6. Click OK to agree to the charges.

7. If you have money in your print account the print job will print automatically otherwise you can release the print job from the print release station located in the technology center near the scanner and copier.

8. NOTE: Please close the LPT:One Print Client after you have finished printing to allow other patrons to print wirelessly.

Mac users: We hope to have Mac support for wireless printing in the future. In the meantime Mac users using VMWare Fusion or Parallels can print files through Windows emulation.


 Wireless Access FAQ

Q. What do I need to access the Library's wireless network?
A. You need a laptop computer or hand-held device with a Wireless Network Card. Most new laptops come with wireless technology already installed. For older laptops, you will need to purchase a wireless network card. After you have purchased the card, follow the manufacturer's instructions to install it on your computer.

Q. How do I connect to the Library's wireless network?
A. Most computers will automatically detect our wireless network and all you should have to do is start your Internet browser. The  wireless network name is "midas."

Q. Can I print while using the Library's wireless network?
A. Wireless network users cannot print to the Library's printers. In order to print, you must log onto one of our public use computers.

Q. What if I cannot connect to the Library's Wireless Network?
A. If you normally use a different wireless network (with a different SSID) your computer may not find our network automatically. In that case, speak to a Reference Librarian who can give you some printed instructions or quick advice for connecting to the wireless network.

Q. Are there limitations on the wireless network?
A. Yes, for security reasons there is no access to FTP, PPTP, SMTP, Telnet, or File Sharing. In addition, wireless access to some streaming audio/video is unavailable.
Last updated: 4/13/2010 12:33:18 PM