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The pressures of change became intense for Mill Valley during the 1930s and the Library was not isolated from this change. A site committee was formed in May 1937 to explore the expansion of the Library. These discussions lasted through to the end of that year and a number of options were proposed and investigated. There were concerns about the Library location and difficulty of access. There were additional concerns with regard to the currency of standards being used to administer the Library.

In many respects, however, the Library's needs fell secondary to the more immediate developmental needs of the Community at large and no action was taken. Still, Mill Valley was changing and the Library was not keeping pace. An audit of the Library was performed in 1938 by Anna Hall of the New York School of Librarianship from which a number of recommendations were made. After 20 years, Sybil Nye retired and Annebelle Travis took over as acting librarian.

In 1939, Elizabeth Reynolds was appointed City Librarian and served until 1943. The Library housed some 9,000 volumes in 1939 and, in the same year, telephone service was finally established at the Library.

Keystone Building on Lytton Square as seen from the train depot in the 1930s.

In 1930, Mahatma Gandhi gained worldwide support and sympathy for his passive civil disobedience against British rule in India. The Richardson Bay Bridge opened in 1931 and, in this year, Mill Valley's population broke through 5,000. The United States economy dropped into a severe and profound economic depression that endured through much of the decade. European fascism was becoming firmly entrenched in Germany, Spain, and Italy.

In 1932, Japan created a puppet state in Manchuria and later, in 1934 and 1935, China's emerging Communists undertook the Long March to Shaanxi to establish a base for fighting the Nationalist Chinese Army led by Chiang Kai-Shek.The Golden Gate Bridge was completed and opened in 1937, and access by automobile to Marin from the San Francisco Peninsula dramatically altered our Community with a bias toward growth and development.

In September 1939, Germany invaded Poland and, shortly thereafter, France was occupied by Germany's armed forces. The world was about to fall into a war with the most significant global impact in history.
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