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Mill Valley in the early 1900s
Mill Valley in the early 1900s.

Cascade Falls
Cascade Falls in the early 1900s. Elaborate handrails and bench were contributed by the Outdoor Art Club.

Costume party
Mill Valley costume party, c. 1901.

Marin Laundry
The Marin Laundry on East Blithedale Avenue c. 1901. The Boy Scout Hall was later built near this structure.

Downtown Mill Valley
Downtown Mill Valley in the early 1900s. A short stretch of Throckmorton Avenue can be seen beginning in the left center, and the two-story building on this street is now Dowd's at 157 Throckmorton.

Mill Valley junction
Mill Valley Junction, c. 1902.

Tamalpais Market
Tamalpais Market in the 1900s, at the corner of Corte Madera and Throckmorton, where today's Mill Valley Market stands.

Manuel Faustine on water cart
Manuel Faustine on the water cart used to wet the dirt streets of Mill Valley, here on West Blithedale Avenue, c. 1902. He was the sole member of the city Street Department when the town was incorporated in 1900.

Suey Kee
Suey Kee was a familiar sight in Mill Valley as he sold and delivered produce throughout the early part of the twentieth century. Photo c. 1902.

Tamalpais Ferry
Tamalpais Ferry, 1905.

2 A.M. Club
The site of the present day 2 A.M. Club, c. 1906. Before Mill Valley's incorporation in 1900, about a dozen saloons were scattered around town. With incorporation came anti-alcohol laws, the main one being that saloons could not remain open after 10pm. The 2 A.M. Club was built on the then unincorporated corner of Miller and Montford Avenues and remained open until 2am. The town later annexed this block so it could force the Club to close earlier.

Muir Woods Inn
The original Muir Woods Inn, c. 1906. Camp Alice Eastwood parking lot is now located to the right of the photo. The Inn burned to the ground around 1907.

Homestead School
Homestead School at Janes Street and Montford Avenue, c. 1908.

Mill Valley station
The Mill Valley station, what is now Miller Avenue looking toward Lytton Square in downtown. The station was shared by North Shore Railroad (formerly North Pacific Coast) and the Mill Valley & Mt Tamalpais Scenic Railway. The rails in the foreground were narrow gauge for North Shore freight trains inside standard gauge for electric passenger trains from Sausalito. Mountain trains were also standard gauge, and used the tracks to the far right. Photo c. 1908.

John Muir
John Muir and friends in Muir Woods National Monument, designated as such by President Theodore Roosevelt on January 9, 1908. Photo August 21, 1909.

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