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Park School
The 1910 graduating class of Tamalpais Park School at Blithedale and Catalpa, replaced in 1938
 with the current Park School at Blithedale and Elm.

Keystone Block building
The Keystone Block building as it looked around 1910. The grocery on the left is now Vasco Restaurant.

The Emporium delivery wagon
In the early 20th century, residents would shop in The Emporium in San Francisco and their
large purchases were delivered by train or ferry to Mill Valley. Homestead Valley resident Edwin J.
Ezekiel picked them up and delivered them to the purchaser. He later became a driver for UPS.
This photo of him and his carriage was taken in approximately 1910 in front of 118 Throckmorton
Avenue. Note the signs indicating the big business of the day - lots for sale.

Miller Avenue
Looking up Miller Avenue c. 1910. A transportation era was changing, as horse-drawn
carriages, as in the left center, were being replaced by automobiles
(tires of an auto visible under the sign in the middle of the photo).

Mt Tamalpais & Muir Woods Railway excursion train
Mt Tamalpais & Muir Woods Railway excursion train to the summit of Mt Tamalpais, c. 1911.

Dipsea Race
Start of the September 13, 1912, Dipsea Race. Click on the photo for a large, detailed, wide-angle view of
this photograph (you will have to scroll horizontally to see the complete photo).

Michael M. O'Shaughnessy and daughters
Michael M. O'Shaughnessy with three of his four daughters, c. 1912.
O'Shaughnessy surveyed the land to determine the house lots which were
sold in the Mill Valley land auction of 1890.

The first Mountain Play performance
The first Mountain Play performance, Abraham and Isaac, on May 4, 1913. The audience
sat on the ground, as it wasn't until the 1930s that the serpentine rocks that are now used as
seating were hauled up Mt Tam by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Tam High School
View of Tamalpais High School c. 1913, looking at the main highway.

Tam High School
Another view of Tamalpais High School, c. 1914.

Gravity Car
Mt Tamalpais & Muir Woods Railway gravity car headed toward Muir Woods, c. 1915.

West Point Inn
West Point Inn c. 1915. Built in 1904, it immediately became a haven for Sunday hikers with its
wide veranda and rustic picnic tables. In this photo, a steam-driven train is arriving at the inn.

Tavern of Tamalpais
Visitors depart the Tavern of Tamalpais in a gravity car, 1916.

Tam High Principal Ernest Wood
Ernest Everett Wood, principal of Tamalpais High School from its opening in
1908 until 1944, with his wife and four daughters in 1918. He planted a redwood tree
on his property for each of his daughters, and deeded them so they cannot be cut down.
They now stand tall in the Almonte section of Mill Valley.

Mountain Play
The Mountain Play performance of Tally Ho starring Juanita Miller, May 18, 1919.

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