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Market at Throckmorton and Corte Madera
The interior of the market at the corner of Throckmorton and Corte Madera Avenues
c. 1920 Mill Valley Market is located here today.

North West Pacific train station
North West Pacific train station in the early 1920s. This was replaced in approximately
1925 by a new depot, later converted to the Depot Bookstore and Cafe.

Dipsea Hike for Women
The fourth Dipsea Hike for Women, May 15, 1921. The event could not be called a race due to a ban
on women running in long distance races at the time. Click on the photo for a large, detailed,
wide-angle view of this photograph (you will have to scroll horizontally to see the complete photo).

Lucretia Little
Lucretia Hanson Little, the driving force behind the Mill Valley History Room at the Library, and without
whom most of these photos would be (at best) locked away in people's attics, at age 13 in 1922.

Mt Tam after a snowfall
Mt Tamalpais and Mill Valley, after the freak snowstorm of January 1922. Lovell Avenue
runs through the front center of the photo.

Visitors to, and one very temporary resident of, the Tavern of Tamalpais after the same snowstorm.

Car and Train on Mt Tam
A Chevrolet pickup truck next to the Mt Tam & Muir Woods Railway train in 1923. The fire
ruins of the Tavern of Tamalpais are to the right of the engine.

Fire engine
Mill Valley's 1924 La France Pumper Fire Engine, right, was one of the most advanced
fire-fighting machines of the day. Photo taken in 1925.

Corte Madera Ave
Corte Madera Avenue c. 1928 at site of present City Hall and Fire House. At extreme
right, market is now Mill Valley Market. The first Town Hall and Fire House were to the
immediate left of the house on the extreme left of the photo.

Construction of Sequoia Theatre
Looking up Throckmorton Avenue in early 1929, one can see the construction of the
Sequoia Theatre (now called CineArts at Sequoia), which is almost completed. The smaller
building to the right of the theater is Suey Kee Market.

Native Americans
Native American leaders visited Executive Secretary of the American Indian Defense Association
John Collier in Mill Valley during the late 1920s. In 1933, Collier was the U.S. Commissioner
of Indian Affairs in Washington, DC.

Great Fire of 1929
A colorized photo of the Great Mill Valley Fire of 1929 as viewed from Sausalito. The fire started near
Ralston White's Garden of Allah (which suffered no damage) and burned from July 2nd to July 5th,
consuming more than 100 Mill Valley homes. Just as the fire was nearing Mill Valley's downtown,
the winds shifted and the downtown area was spared.

Volunteer firefighters in action at the 1929 fire on Mt Tamalpais.

Fire ruins
Mr and Mrs Edward O. Hermann and daughters Evelyn and Marguerite stand at the ruins of their
Magee Street home, burnt to the ground in the 1929 fire.

Clock donated by Mill Valley Association of Volunteer Firemen
In August of 1929, the Mill Valley Association of Volunteer Firemen donated to the Town of Mill Valley the
four-sided clock that stands on the corner of Miller and Throckmorton Avenues.
Photo believed to be in 1929 or early 1930s.

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