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Survey/Form Review
Suggest a First Friday
Are you First Friday material or do you think you have the right connections to help us plan a great First Friday? If so, please fill out the form below We appreciate your input and will get back to you within 2-3 weeks and let you know what we think.



Please describe your First Friday idea and be sure to include the name of the speaker/lecturer or performing group, the content of the proposed program, and any additional features you think may be important in helping us assess the merits of the program.

Attendance at our First Fridays ranges between 120-300. Is this a program that is likely to bring in a good crowd? Please tell us why you think this program would be successful.

Our First Friday series seeks to present different narratives, ideas and presentations that an audience might otherwise not consider or experience. Please describe how your program meets this criteria.

Is there likely to be a cost associated with this program? (The Library has a limited budget and can not afford expensive fees typically charged by speaker’s bureaus.)*
If yes, what is the estimated cost of the program.

Has this program already been done, or is it scheduled somewhere else in Marin? *
If yes, why do you think it should also be done at the Library?

Our First Friday series is limited to adults and high school students. Is your proposed idea suitable for this demographic? *
Please send us a link to a youtube/vimeo of the speakers/performers. This is an important part of our committee’s ability to assess the quality of the proposed presenters. If you cannot provide a link, please supply us with reliable references regarding the presenter's public speaking or performance abilities.