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Survey/Form Review
City of Mill Valley In-House Grant Reporting
Welcome to the Grant Reporting Form. You can use this form to report on grant activity in your Department - when you apply for one, when you get one (or partially get one), and when you don't.

This information will be gathered quarterly and reported to the City Council.

Updating the status of your grant? If you have already filled this out once, when you first applied for a grant, you don't have to fill it out twice. Just answer the questions marked with a red star (*). 

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks!

1. First, tell me about you... *
First & Last Name:
2. Department(s) that applied for this grant:
3. Who was the lead staff person on the grant application?
First & Last Name:
4. Name of the grant you applied for: *
(please be sure to write out any acronymns)
5. Granting Agency:
(please be sure to write out any acronymns)
6. Amount you applied for:
(eg: $20,000)
7. Is there a match?
If yes - what is the match amount?
8. What is the grant for?
Please give a short description that describes what you were asking for and how it will benefit the public.
9. When did you apply for the grant?
(eg: 5/7/2014)
10. When do you expect to hear if you got it?
(eg: Sometime in August, 2014)
11. Thanks for filling out the Survey! If you are done, you can go to the bottom and click SUBMIT.

If you are UPDATING us on a Grant, please let us know...

Did you get the grant? *

12. If you got the grant, how much did you get?
13. Any additional comments or notes?
Anything else to add?
Thanks! Be sure to come back and update us on the status of the grant once you find out!


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