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Take the Pledge!
Posted Date: 5/6/2013

Safe Driving PledgeTake the Pledge!

Mill Valley is participating in the Street Smarts Marin Safe Driving Pledge Campaign. Please go to learn about it and take the Pledge which takes only a minute.

Now we can all join this movement to reduce speeding and other dangerous behaviors and improve safety for all on our streets. Are you frustrated with the way people drive in your neighborhood and community? Ever noticed yourself speeding or driving distractedly while you carry on a conversation? Now you can TAKE THE PLEDGE to improve the safety and friendliness of our streets in Marin County towns and cities.

The Safe Driving Pledge Campaign from Street Smarts Marin asks you to join the movement by taking a pledge to be responsible for your own driving and to spread the word by posting a static cling decal on the rear window of your vehicle. Posting the decal represents to others that you are driving safely and that you care about the livability of your community.

To learn more about the program and to take the pledge online go to: On the website, you can also download a flyer and a copy of this article to circulate among friends and neighbors, at clubs, work and other organizations. While you’re there, check out the other valuable information and resources from, a public education campaign to improve driver, pedestrian, and bicyclist behaviors.

Safe Driving Pledge

  1. I will drive within the posted speed limit or slower depending on current conditions.
  2. I will plan my departure to avoid rushing to be on time.
  3. I will not give in to the impatience of others to drive above the speed limit.
  4. I will only talk on my phone while driving when the call is urgent and always hands-free.
  5. I will not text or use other handheld devices when driving.
  6. I will treat people who are walking and bicycling with respect and share the road safely with them.
  7. I will display the Safe Driving Pledge decal on my vehicle and encourage others totake the pledge.

Street Smarts is a public education program to improve driver, pedestrian, and bicyclist behaviors in Marin sponsored by Transportation Authority of Marin and ten partner cities including Mill Valley. 

Thanks for being part of the solution!