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Tree Removal Update
Posted Date: 8/12/2013

The City of Mill Valley would like to announce the upcoming removal of several dead and dying trees located in high-traffic areas on Wednesday, August 28. Motorists can expect lane closures on Miller Avenue as well as on Camino Alto and Marion/Cascade.

Tree removal crews will cut down two poplar trees in the Miller Avenue median at Camino Alto, one pine tree on Camino Alto near the entrance to the Community Center, and one tan oak tree located at Marion and Cascade. These trees are all either dead or dying, having come to the end of their lifespans and have been identified as a hazard.

The poplars on Miller Avenue were planted during the 1960’s. With proper water and light, most poplars can usually live up to 80 years. Unfortunately, the location of the trees on Miller Avenue has exposed their roots to saltwater intrusion during high-tide events. After many years of poor water conditions, the trees are now showing signs of decline. Parks staff has detected the death of the trees’ inner core, called the heartwood, as well as an increase in dropped dead limbs. The tree’s proximity to lanes of heavily-used roadway, as well as the location being a popular lunch spot for high school students makes these trees a concern for the City and necessitates their removal.

The Miller Avenue Streetscape Plan, which was created to improve the Miller Avenue transit corridor, requires the preservation of the open meadow appearance of the Miller Avenue median in this area by planting large signature trees over time as existing trees require replacement. Trees in the Miller Avenue median that are at the end of their natural life-span will be replaced by new, more resilient tree species. 

This project is a part of the City’s Vegetation Management Program, which is funded by the Municipal Services Tax and approved by voters in 2006.

For more information, contact Brandon Stewart, Parks Supervisor at (415) 388-4242 or email

 Miller Median Tree Image