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In an Emergency – Call 911 – From Any Phone
Posted Date: 3/25/2014
Cell phone 911The City of Mill Valley would like to inform residents that if they have an emergency, they should call 911 from any type of phone, regardless of if it is from a cell phone or land line.

In the past, residents may have been told by safety personnel to dial a 7-digit emergency number when calling for assistance on a cell phone. Mill Valley public safety officials report that this method of calling for help is now outdated.

Several years ago the "Routing on Empirical Data" (RED) Project was completed to allow 911 calls to "route" to the appropriate agency based on cell sectors and historical data to determine if the 911 call should go to CHP or the local 911 center. This assists in limiting the need to transfer calls to CHP to the local agency.

Now, when a resident calls 911, the call jumps to the top of the priority list for a dispatcher to answer. Calls coming in on the 7-digit lines are secondary.

We encourage all residents to pass this information on to their friends, family members, and neighbors.