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Mill Valley City Council Meeting Real-Time eComment Form
NOTE: Comments are only available for CITY COUNCIL Meetings and will not be received by other Commission or Committees at the time of their meetings.

With the advent of webcasting City Council meetings, it is now possible for internet users watching the live meeting webcast to submit comments and questions in real-time to the City Council for the public comment sections of the meeting.

Please use the form below to submit your meeting-related comments to the City Council. Your comments will be read aloud during Public Open Time or during the public comment period for a specific agenda item. They will become part of the written public record located in the Office of the City Clerk.

eComments are intended to be used for meeting-related items only. For other types of communication you wish to send to the Council, the regular email process should be used. City Council email can be sent to the City Clerk:

Please note that there is a 20 second delay in the live webcast. Comments can be submitted at any time and do not have to wait until the Mayor calls for public comment. In order to ensure that City staff receive your comment, it is advised that you submit your comment early in the meeting.

1. The following information is required to maintain public records of the comments received.
Your Name:
Street Address:
I attest that the information provided above is true and accurate.
Please Note: There are two types of public comments permitted at Council meetings:

  • Public Open Time: Public Open Time is for items NOT on the agenda and takes place at the beginning of the meeting. If your comment is intended for Public Open Time, please indicate it in the checkbox below.

  • Public Comment: Each item on the agenda has a public comment period. If your comment is related to a specific item on the agenda, please indicate it in the space below.

    If you would like to comment on more than one agenda item, please complete a distinct form for each agenda item.

  • 2. This comment is for:
    3. Please Specify Agenda Item (if applicable):
    4. Please indicate:
    5. Comment:
    Please state your views succinctly, avoid repetition, and limit your comments to 200 words.

    6. NOTE: Comments are only available for City Council Meetings and will not be received by other Commission or Committees at the time of their meetings.

    The City is not responsible for the speed of the internet and will not be held accountable if the comment is not received in time to be read live during the meeting.

    Comments will be reviewed prior to reading aloud and abusive or profane comments will not be permitted.

    7. The following is not required but will assist City staff in contacting you, if needed:
    Telephone Number:
    Email Address:
    Thank you for your comments and participation in the City's Council meetings.
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