Books & Bites Book Clubshow me a sign

Wednesday, December 15, 2:30pm

Outdoor Amphitheater

Fourth and fifth graders love our outdoor book club! In December, come join us to talk about the award-winning book Show Me a Sign by Anne Clare LeZotte. We’ll also have a snack and do a fun activity together. Participants can pick up a free copy of the book at the Library, while supplies last. 

 It's 1805 and Mary, who is deaf, lives happily in a community where nearly everyone can communicate in sign language. But recent events have delivered winds of change. Mary's brother died, leaving her family shattered. Tensions over land disputes are mounting between English settlers and the Wampanoag people. And a cunning young scientist has arrived, hoping to discover the origin of the island's prevalent deafness. His maniacal drive to find answers soon renders Mary a "live specimen" in a cruel experiment. Written by a deaf author and based upon a true story. 

 Fourth and fifth graders only. Sign up here

Bookmark Contest Winnerswinners

Congratulations to Annabel (age 10), Isaac (age 9), Kyla (age 7), Naomi (age 9), and Umair (age 8), the winners in the 2021 bookmark contest. We will be printing bookmarks with your art later this month for everyone to enjoy. 

The Library received more than 700 entries in this year's contest! Thank you to everyone who entered. Your artwork is truly amazing.