Wi-Fi Hotspots

Orbic Wi-Fi HotspotThe Library now has Wi-Fi hotspots available for checkout!

About the Hotspots

A hotspot creates and broadcasts a wireless network and uses the cell data network (ours are on Verizon) to give you access to the Internet.

What You Need to Know

  • Hotspots check out for one week.
  • There is one 1-week renewal if hotspots are available at the Library.
  • Replacement cost if a hotspot is lost or damaged beyond use is $100
  • Hotspots must be returned to the Mill Valley Library during open hours. Do not return hotspots in book drop.

Hotspot Operation

Hotspots check out with an instruction card on how to connect your devices. Hotspots can last much of the day on their internal batteries but can also be recharged with the included power adapter.

Reception Problems?

Hotspots rely on the Verizon cell network for their Internet connection. Check your area on the Verizon coverage map. Hotspots will display cell network signal strength on their screens.

The library cannot guarantee that hotspots will work in every location. The devices rely on cellular signals, which may be weak or intermittent in some locations.