About Mill Valley

View of Downtown Mill Valley with historic buildings, street, sidewalksThe City of Mill Valley (population approximately 14,000) is a general law city, 14 miles north of San Francisco and 40 miles from California’s famous wine country. Mill Valley is a town with a rich and eclectic cultural history and a lively and engaged citizenry.

Mill Valley is primarily a suburban community, with distinctive residential neighborhoods representing the many eras of the town’s growth from a small mill town to the modern full service city it is today. The 2010 Census documents a total of 6,534 housing units in Mill Valley, the majority of which are single-family dwellings with about 24% comprised of apartments and condominiums. Our population’s approximately 14,000 residents live in a 4.8 square mile area, although we serve as the center for a larger unincorporated Mill Valley area with a population of more than 30,000 residents.

Education and income levels of residents are high, with around 40% of the population having a graduate or professional degree. The City has 5 elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. The median resident age is 48 years, the median household income is $129,626, and the median housing price is over $1.2 million. Our community has expectations of very high quality facilities and services.

The City of Mill Valley was incorporated in 1900. It is a full-service city with a City Council/City Manager form of government. Mill Valley has five elected City Councilmembers who annually elect from among their ranks a Mayor and Vice Mayor, and serve four-year terms.

The City of Mill Valley provides a full range of municipal services to residents and businesses in accordance with the MV2040 General Plan and City Council policy and direction. City staff delivers those services in an efficient, effective and courteous manner with a commitment to operational excellence.

Our goal is to use this website to connect Mill Valley residents and others interested in the City of Mill Valley with timely information on City services, City government activities and City programs and events.