Sustainability Efforts

The City of Mill Valley has a long-standing commitment and track record when it comes to sustainability related initiatives.

State Organics Recycling and Food Donation Law:

Commercial Businesses and Multi-Family Complexes of 5 or more units. This State law aims to reduce harmful methane emissions from landfills that contribute to climate change and global warming.  For more information: Please see the city's waste management page or visit Cal Recycle's website (LINK) for more information on the law.

  • To sign up for compost service, go to the Mill Valley Refuse website (LINK).
  • To download signage to assist your business or multi-family complex in sorting waste, see the Mill Valley Refuse website (LINK).
  • If you think you may qualify for a waiver/exemption, please contact Danielle Staude at the City of Mill Valley at 415-388-4033. 
  • If you would like to report a violation of the waste and organic regulations, fill out the citizen complaint form. 

Reusable Foodware Relations Draft

The County of Marin has developed a Draft Ordinance establishing regulations requiring the use of reusable and compostable food ware materials (e.g., plates, bowls, cups, utensils, and trays) at restaurants, grocery stores and delis, bakeries, carry-out, mini marts, farmers markets, food trucks, and other businesss requiring a health permit. The Draft Ordinance prohibits the use of single-use plastic food ware items; proposes a $0.25 charge for disposable cups (with exemptions available for Cal Fresh/ SNAP and WIC customers); and establishes overall process for implementation and enforcement. 

The City of Mill Valley is in the process of reviewing and considering regulations for businesses operating within city limits.  For more information, contact Danielle Staude at or go to the County of Marin’s reusable foodware website (LINK)

Do your part!

Listed below are ideas to do your part in reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions. Also, an inspiring video entitled "words to live by" developed by youth poets on Climate Change.


Have fun with others through Resilient Neighborhoods. Get support and go on a "low-carbon diet" to reduce 5,000 pounds of CO2! This free program has helped 550 Marin residents save money, make their families safer, and cut over 2.6 million pounds of carbon emissions. Learn more and sign up at

Reduce Waste

Help the City reach its "Zero Waste" goal whereby no materials are landfilled but instead fully recycled, repaired or reused by the year 2025 for sustainable solutions to your every day life. Food waste is one of the largest sources of waste. Check out Mill Valley Refuse on composting and recycling options, or donate your extra food from events.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Check out to find out what Mill Valley and its residents and businesses can do to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Electric Vehicles - Ride and Drive Clean! 

In Marin County, our passenger vehicles are the single largest source of GHG emissions, representing up to 50% of our individual carbon footprint. When you switch from a gas car to an EV and plug into clean energy, you are taking impactful climate action by reducing both carbon emissions and air pollution, both which disproportionately impact equity priority communities.

Save money, time, and improve your driving experience with an EV. Learn how to make the switch to an electric vehicle with the help of the nonprofit, Ride and Drive Clean (LINK).

Change the way you travel

Roadway traffic continues to increase in Mill Valley despite the small change in population. See the bullets below for links and resources below to change the way you travel or to reduce/ combine your trips.

  • School bus sign ups
  • Coordinate school carpooling through school pool
  • Send your ideas to the traffic committee
  • Bike and walk opportunities
  • Check out traffic conditions, carpooling and transit opportunities through

Reduce Energy Consumption and Home Retrofits

Energy Upgrades: Financing programs (LINK)

See the Building Department for Tier 1 Green Building Requirements (LINK)

Rebate Programs to switch out your old natural gas appliances and gas powered equipment:

What is the City Doing?

Sustainability is woven into the City's daily operations - from procurement to file work. In 2007, emission reduction targets were established to further sustainability efforts and guide decision making and consistent with standards set by AB32. The City is close to meeting its target of reducing community emissions 15% by 2020. Most recently, the City has received an award for reducing its energy consumption by 5% through the installation of LED lights and other energy upgrades throughout the City. But, more can be done!

The City is an active member of the Marin Climate & Energy Partnership (MCEP), which includes representatives from all eleven Marin cities/ towns, and County, the Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM), and Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) and the Marin General Services Authority (MGSA). Its mission is to reduce emission levels, with the partnership allowing for innovative discussion and coordinated work throughout Marin County. A recent example includes the adoption and implementation of the disposable bags.

Supporting Materials & Links

Phone Book Opt Out

Mill Valley residents in the past have contacted City Hall for information on how to opt out of receiving home delivery of one or more phone directories.

Opting out is easy and fast and can be done via the internet or over the phone.


  • Click here to Opt Out. This website will give you the opportunity to opt out of the SuperPages, the Yellow Pages, and the Marin County Buy Local Phone Book.

By Phone:

  • Verizon Superpages Phonebook (Supermedia): Call 800-888-8448: Hold for representative. Tell them you would like to be placed on their Opt Out List. They will take your phone number and verify your name and address.
  • AT&T Yellow Pages, the AT&T Yellow Pages Companion (AT&T Advertising Solutions): Call 1-866-329-7118: Press 2, hold for representative. Tell them you would like to be placed on their Opt Out List. They will take your name, phone number and address.
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