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Overhead view of Friends FieldFields Available for Rent

Alto, Bayfront, Bell/Ropers, Boyle Park Baseball Major & Minor, Friends Field North & South and Hauke North & South.

To view our Fields, visit our Fields Information webpage.

For information about Field Conditions, please visit our Field Conditions webpage or call the Field Conditions Hotline at (415) 383-7818.

Field Rental Fees

Rental Type Rate
City of Mill Valley Residents (within City Limits) $60/hr
Greater Mill Valley & Beyond $75/hr
Adult Sports Groups or Leagues $80/hr
Commercial $90/hr

Cancellation & Refund Policy

A 30-day notice of cancellation is required to receive a full refund. Less that 30-days notice will result in the loss of the entire deposit. In the event of rain or bad weather, the park rental fee will not be refunded, only the deposit will be refunded.

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