Al Leibof

A man in a green shirt and green sweater.Al Leibof was appointed as a Commissioner on the SASM Board in December 2016. He has served on the Homestead Valley Sanitary District (HVSD) Board since 2013 and is currently the Board President.  For many years Al served as a Director on the Homestead Valley Community Association (HVCA) Board where he has served as president.  Most recently he represented Homestead Valley on the Tamalpais Valley Community Plan Update Committee working to revise the County's General Plan for the area.

Al recently retired from running a family owned staffing agency based in Mill Valley.  He also ran the vehicle donation programs for Kiddo and the Tam High Foundation.

Al has lived in the Homestead Valley area of Mill Valley since 1980 where he raised his family and still resides with his wife.  He states that serving on the SASM Board of Commissioners is one more way to give back to our community.