Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation

The original Mill Valley Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan (Plan) was developed in 1982 with subsequent updates in 2003 and 2008. The City of Mill Valley is currently working on the 2017 Plan Update. The Plan recognizes that bicycle and pedestrian facilities are essential elements of the City’s transportation network. Its purpose is to provide direction for project planning, identify and prioritize community needs, identify and prioritize bicycle and pedestrian projects, and secure regional, state and federal funding. It is recommended that the Plan be updated every five years to qualify for funding sources and to keep with the community priorities and needs. The 2017 Plan update is being financed by the Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM). 

What is contained in the Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan? 

  • Goals, policies, and programs consistent with the City’s MV2040 General Plan
  • Project funding sources including federal, state, regional and local sources
  • Existing and proposed bikeway facilities
  • Existing and proposed pedestrian facilities
  • Bicycle and pedestrian support facilities such as bike racks, water fountains, and benches
  • Multi-modal connection information and facilities
  • Safety and education programs
  • Citizen and community participation

To download the Final 2017 Plan Update, please click the link below:
Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan, Final 2017 (PDF)

To download the Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan (2008) update that was adopted by City Council on April 19, 2010, please click on link below:
Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan 2008 (PDF)

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