Oral Histories

A man sits in a chair listening to a Mill Valley oral historyFounded in 1968, the Mill Valley Oral History Program includes audio interviews with Mill Valley residents and others who have contributed to the cultural or civic life of Mill Valley.

Mission of the Mill Valley Oral History Program:

The Mill Valley Oral History Program seeks to collect, preserve, and share the voices and stories of local residents whose experiences help to shape the collective memory of Mill Valley. The Program reflects a diverse array of backgrounds and narratives, and documents the changing culture and landscape of Mill Valley.

If you are interested in giving an interview and sharing your story as part of the Mill Valley Oral History Program, please contact History Room staff at hist@cityofmillvalley.org. Feel free to reach out, too, if you have any suggestions for oral history candidates.

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Oral Histories, Alphabetically

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Packer, Roger
Parino, Verna
Park, Helen Van Cleave
Patterson, James Crosbie
Phelan, Jacquie
Pimlott, George R.
Pitsenbarger, Steven
Postel, Lloyd
Potts, Steve
Poutiatine, Ivan
Praetzel, Robert
Price, Marilyn
Provines, William
Purser, Inez
Reichmuth, Edward
Resek, Bella
Reynolds, Susan
Rhodes, Peter
Robinson, Annabella
Robinson, Shayer Oswin Lancelot
Rosen, Martin
Ross, William
Rowan, Lorin
Runner, Fred
Russell, Helen M.
Sahl, Mort
Santos, George
Sarris, Greg
Schneider, Bernice Mattos
Schneller, Sibyl Croly
Schock, Trubee
Schultz, Vera Smith
Seitz, Marie Weissich
Seymour, Elliott
Seymour, Kent

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