Design Elements

Garden design banner

What makes a garden smart?

Mill Valley’s SmartGarden will serve as a living, evolving tool for visitors of all ages to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the benefits of harvesting water and creating a sustainable, regenerative garden. The SmartGarden will model waterwise landscaping, including rainwater harvesting, stormwater management and seasonal water features. New gardens will emphasize functional, beneficial and water conscious planting themes that can be used for educational purposes. Complementary programming–workshops and other events will offer additional opportunities to enhance visitors’ knowledge and understanding of sustainability issues. The SmartGarden will help to plant the seeds of a new water culture while supporting preservation of indigenous and culturally relevant landscapes to create a network of positive change.

The Library contracted with Sentient Landscape and local resident, Apryl Uncapher, to create the design of the SmartGarden.  Sentient Landscape is dedicated to demonstrating and installing ecologically sound landscapes that reflect the inherent intelligence of natural ecosystems.  Apryl co-wrote Creating Rain Gardens and is an ecological designer dedicated to rainwater harvesting modeled on nature’s examples.

Download the SmartGarden design (PDF).