Annual Sewer Rehabilitation Project

2021 Sanitary Sewer Repair Project

The 2021 Sanitary Sewer Repair Project includes sewer repair of the Hot Spot locations and rehabilitates some sewer mains through open trench and trenchless Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) methods.

Project Location Maps (PDF)

Cured-in-Place Pipe method (CIPP) consists of inserting a polyester liner into the existing sewer main. Prior to performing CIPP, any defects in the pipe that requires correcting will be by excavating down to the pipe and performing a spot repair. Click here to watch a video on CIPP.

Project Schedule (PDF)

For locations that will be treated with the CIPP method, you may detect a chemical odor. This is the smell of styrene, a component of the resin used to saturate the sewer liner. This odor will quickly dissipate once the installation process is complete. Please see attached for additional information.

Most of the repair locations are within sewer easements along the back of residential properties. One section of repair will be on East Blithedale between Lomita Drive and Camino Alto.

Construction of the project is expected to be completed in October 2020.

Regular working hours are 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for legal holidays. The contractor and staff will notify affected residents in advance of construction.

Health and safety remain a priority for all “essential” workers and community members during the COVID-19 health crisis. For this reason, contractors will adhere to Social Distancing Protocols as appropriate for the work conditions, as outlined in the Public Health Order.

Construction of the project consists of: 

To ensure private sewer service not be interrupted, residents must lower their water usage while the work is in progress.

During construction, traffic controls will be implemented and No Parking /Tow Away zones will be posted. Access to Local Residents, Businesses, Delivery, and Emergency Services will continue to be available. For everyone’s safety, we ask for your help in limiting the use of roadways within the construction areas during working hours, and to park in driveways or on adjacent blocks. Excavations will be covered with steel plates at the end of the work shift and traffic lanes will be returned to normal.

Although noise levels may be increased at times and some inconvenience is unavoidable. Staff is committed to minimizing the impact of the construction activities. If you have any questions or special coordination needs, please contact:

Field Supervisor:

Luis Guzman, Glosage Engineering, Inc

(510) 815-4505 

Construction Manager:

Norman Akana, Anchor CM Inc.


Project Manager:

Ahmed A. Aly, P.E.