Code of Conduct


When using Mill Valley Parks and Recreation Department Facilities, I will always follow the direction of staff and city personnel and will not interfere or disrupt their ability to provide a safe family environment. 

I fully understand that I must refrain from: 

  • Any actions interfering or disrupting the ability of Center staff to provide a safe family environment. 
  • Failure to follow staff direction. 
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs resulting in even the slightest degree of impairment. 
  • Use of foul, offensive or abusive language. 
  • Harassment, intimidation or any other type of interference with another individual’s ability to use Center. 
  • Any physical or violent altercation with another client and/or staff. 
  • Bringing weapons of any kind are not allowed in the Center or exterior areas and property. 
  • Disregarding posted rules and misuse and/or abuse of facility equipment.


The Mill Valley Community Center provides a friendly, safe and enjoyable family atmosphere for all participants and clients. In order to maintain this pleasant environment, the following rights and responsibilities have been implemented for all clients. 

Misuse or abuse of the facility, facility equipment or staff, use of profane language, and / or fighting among participants will not be tolerated. Clients are asked to respect the rights of others and are encouraged to display good sportsmanship so that participants in all activities have an enjoyable and safe experience.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in assisting staff to maintain a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment for all participants using the Mill Valley Community Center.