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Posted on: September 12, 2023

Preparedness Month Safety Tip - Review Your Evacuation Map

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Residents of Southern Marin Fire District should watch our Evacuation Preparedness video and take steps to prepare, in advance, for evacuation from wildfires and other disasters. New this month are updated neighborhood evacuation maps which will be arriving via mail* by the end of September (2023). 

*Need a digital copy? Download your neighborhood evacuation map under "additional resources" below.

When disaster strikes residents may be asked to evacuate their homes to evacuation assembly areas, also know as Community Refuge Areas (CRAs). Remember — residents should only take one car and even grab neighbors if possible. The more cars on our roads, the longer evacuation will take.

If you hear emergency warning sirens, check local TV and radio stations for evacuation information and instructions. Do not call 911.

Always know at least two ways out from your home, workplace, and neighborhood. The City of Mill Valley Evacuation Map (PDF) was developed to show suggested evacuation routes. It includes primary and secondary street routes, our Steps, Lanes and Paths system and evacuation assembly areas. Depending on the type of emergency, there may be more than one evacuation route out. Please familiarize yourself with your surrounding neighborhood and listen for instructions from emergency personnel when asked to evacuate.

Types Of Warnings And Alerts


Shelter In Place: Stay in your current location or the safest nearby building. This may be required when evacuation is unnecessary or too dangerous. 

Evacuation Warning: Be ready to leave. Prepare your family. Gather your go bag. Leave if you feel unsafe. 

Evacuation Order: Leave NOW! Evacuate immediately. Follow instructions from Emergency Services and First Responders.

Red Flag Warning: These warnings are issued when weather conditions are right for extreme wildfire events. This is the time to stay on high alert and be ready to evacuate quickly. 

When to call 911: 

  • Any type of fire
  • A vehicle collision, especially if someone is injured 
  • When you or the person you care for feels at risk
  • Any crime in progress
  • Any situation when medical help is needed right away 

Determine More Than One Evacuation Route

To determine the alternate evacuation routes in your neighborhood:

  • Download your neighborhood’s evacuation map.
  • One the map is open, enlarge or zoom the map to the size of your choice. 50% is a good working size.
  • You can then scroll to your neighborhood using the horizontal or vertical arrows at the bottom or side of the map.
  • To print our your map, click on the print icon at the top of the page. When the print window opens, find the print range and click on current view.
  • Finally, click on "OK" to print out your evacuation map.

Take your family out walking and discover multiple routes out of your neighborhood!

Begin Your Evacuation Planning Now

  • Develop an evacuation plan and discuss it with your family.
  • Walk your neighborhood before disaster strikes and look for alternate escape routes. There are over 175 original steps, lanes and paths in Mill Valley. Many of these allow residents to move between streets and areas. View the latest map of Steps, Lanes, and Paths.
  • During high fire danger periods always be prepared to evacuate.
  • Preload important papers, photos, and your emergency supply kit/Go Bag.


  • Lives take priority over property.
  • Please evacuate when asked to do so.
  • Be prepared to evacuate on foot or bicycle if necessary.
  • If you need additional assistance to evacuate, plan ahead with neighbors for them to help you.


Sign Up for Alerts 

AlertMarin: AlertMarin sends critical information from local 

agencies during a disaster if you need to take action. Register up to five phones in your household. Alerts may include: 

Wildfire and evacuation information
Information during an event about evacuation routes, shelters, and transportation 

Sign up at 

No Internet access? Call 415 473-6584 to register. 

Nixle: Nixle sends general public safety alerts about local issues via text based on your zip code. You can sign up for alerts from multiple zip codes. Alerts may include: 

Road closures, police activity, missing persons Post-disaster information about shelters 

Text your zip code to 888-777 to sign up. 

Pack A Go Bag 

Put together a supply kit and keep it accessible. Each person and pet should have their own bag. 

  • Wallet, personal ID, bank cards, cash in small bills
  • Water & snacks
  • 5-7 day supply of medication 
  • Flashlight or headlamps
  • N95 masks
  • Cell phone charger / battery bank 
  • Small First Aid kit
  • Warm clothes (extra underwear & socks )
  • Personal hygiene & sanitation supplies
  • Eyeglasses & other medical aids
  • Computer & portable media backups 

5 Simple Steps To Get Ready

  1. Get alerts to know what to do and when.
  2. Make a plan and share it with family and friends.
  3. Pack a Go Bag with items you need to evacuate.
  4. Build a Stay Box for sheltering at home.
  5. Help friends and neighbors get ready.

Additional Resources

For additional emergency preparedness information for all of Marin County, visit

For additional wildfire evacuation preparedness tips and information, visit


Download Evacuation Maps

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